Friday, February 18, 2011

Epilogues and Recriminations

So I pressed the enter button on the Easter egg. It wasn't a new episode, though.

There was a man, in his fifties I believe, with gray hair. He was looking down at his hands and then looked up. He spoke with an Eastern European accent I think.

He said: "This...this is my greatest work. My grand acheivement. Yet...yet it is not mine. I made it to worn others of her, but it was her work all along. All along. This is what she does. She digs within you and soon, the actions you perform are not your own. I was a man like Arlecchino once, I am afraid. I was...not nice and dabbled in things I should not have. She was my Colombina. But she was never Colombina. She was never..."

He paused then for a few seconds and then took a deep breath. "She is not human, like us. She knows nothing of love or jealousy or hatred. She is attracted to these things, though, because...because she doesn't know them. And so she moves us about, makes mimics of us, makes us look into mirrors and see our own dark reflections."

He leaned in closer to the camera. "If you are watching this, that means you have attracted her attention. I would warn you not to watch, but I know that is futile. Once she has her hooks in you...her strings wrapped around you..." He nervously swallowed. "Soon, I shall take my own life. Even this final action will be hers."

"I have said all I can." He raised his hand and held a tangle of strings. "Though warnings will do no good, I have warned. You will not heed this warning, as I never did." He spread the strings out across the desk. "You can only hope, like I do, that the end will be swift and merciful." He leaned over the desk and suddenly the strings twisted like snakes and curled around his neck like a noose.

I hit the stop button on the remote and the TV went black.

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