Friday, February 25, 2011


I broke it in half. The DVD. I took it out of my player and just snapped it.

Then I went and did the same for the rest of the boxset. But what if the other Buffy DVDs had the same problems? I broke them too.

I broke my entire DVD collection. I cut my hands with them. With my hands wrapped in a towel, I picked each broken DVD up and tossed it in a trashbag and then tossed that in the dumpster.

No more DVDs. I don't even watch TV anymore.

Books. Books are good. I can read books.

I flipped open a book yesterday. I...can't remember the title. But...but I remember reading it. My hands turned the pages by themselves.


  1. What's happened since then?

    1. Hopefully, he's dead.

      Not still screwed up.

      I mean, look at the guy in the previous entry's
      last words.

  2. He's been caught by the HARLEQUIN now. He's entangled in her strings.

  3. He was high strung!

  4. Where are you? Where have you been? Are you okay?

  5. He is a puppet of the wooden empress now...
    He is her puppet now.