Thursday, December 30, 2010

Episode 8: "I, Robot...You, Jane"

(Note: doing this a day early, so I can spend Christmas day with the fam.)

Short summary: A demon imprisoned in a book gets scanned in a computer and picks up Willow as his cybergirlfriend. That's pretty much it.

Shorter summary: I,, bad episode.

Analysis: ...yeah. Not much to analyze. Metaphor? "Computers are evil"? "Men are evil"? "Books are evil"? ..."The internet is evil"? Well, we all knew that one.

In any case, this episode was more about virtual stalking. And since computers have marched on a lot since 1997 (geez, thirteen years? where did it go), this one doesn't really hit like it's supposed to.

Note: barely any glitches at all this time.

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