Friday, January 7, 2011

Episode 9 "The Puppet Show" has been delayed

So this is my favorite episode. I was really looking forward to watching this and analyzing it for whatever readers I have. It is one of my absolute favorite episodes of television.

Most of the episode was fine. Barely glitched at all. Then, the very last scene, when Buffy, Xander, and Willow have to do that scene from Oedipus... something weird happened. It looked like a scene from another show was spliced in. Some sort of weird puppet show (yeah, I know what it sounds like).

Anyway, the screen had just turned to black and then another scene came on. Same red curtains as last time, only this time they opened up to reveal an actual puppet theater - complete with Punch and Judy puppets dancing around on strings. It was sort of silly looking at first and then it became weird. The Punch puppet was beating on the Judy puppet and there was fake blood coming out of her nose.

Then they both stopped and started singing. "Have you heard? Have you heard? Heard the word! Heard the word!"

"I heard it from the Herleking," the Judy puppet said. "I heard him cry and sing."

"Cry and sing!" the Punch puppet said and hit her. "Cut your string!"

"Can you hear the drumming, drumming?" they both chanted. "She is coming, she is coming!"

The whole puppet theater than began to shake like there was an earthquake, then the whole thing went crashing down. The curtains closed and the screen went black again.

I...really don't know what to make of this. Did someone film this bizarre scene and place it in this one DVD (meaning they must have been there when it was being made)? Is that one this DVD set has been glitching? What would be the point of that though?

And what was the point of the Punch and Judy show?

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